About Us

Bikedigger.com has a simple mission: be the best place on the internet to compare mountain bikes.

We'll deliver on that goal if we provide three things:

  • Complete and accurate bike data
  • Interactive tools
  • Beautiful design

See, we think it’s stupid that information about mountain bikes is scattered across the internet, disconnected. You go to a bike company’s site for the official specs, then to a content site for some dude’s subjective review of the bike (“it shreds downhill but climbs surprisingly well”), and then to a message board to ask strangers if it’s a better bike for you than another bike.

Why not gather bike data together? Why not browse bikes, compare bikes, and discuss bikes all in one place?

And another thing--most of a bike’s ride characteristics are a function of its geometry numbers and component specifications. So it makes little sense to depend on subjective reviews that are inevitably influenced by a particular rider’s preferences, idiosyncrasies, mood, fatigue, how good the dirt was that week, or whatever.

With that in mind, we present the data for each bike and let you easily compare it side-by-side with other bikes. But we also realize that unless you’re a real bike geek, a geometry chart is just a meaningless table of numbers. So we’ve created four algorithms or “scores” that translate a bike’s numbers to its riding characteristics: Rowdiness (how well it descends rough terrain), Nimbleness (how agile it is), Climbing (self-explanatory), and Value (how attractive its price is controlling for the cost of components).

We know these scores aren’t infallible--reasonable people can disagree about precisely which data determine which ride characteristics--but we think they’re a pretty darn good approximation. And of course, every bike company insists that it has some special sauce that transcends quantification. Mmm hmm. In any case, we’ve published the score formulas so you can tear them apart and geek out to your heart’s content.

We built this site for people like us: regular riders who think buying a mountain bike is a big deal. We hope it gives you better information, makes bike comparison easier, or at least entertains you during long afternoons at your desk job.


Kirk and Shane